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  • ATM / CDM Monitoring System
  • Payment Kiosk Monitoring System
  • Global Positioning Syetem (GPS)
  • Guard Mnitoring System (GMS)
  • Firearms Management System (FAMS)
  • Cash-In-Transit System (CIT)
  • Vehicle Management System (VMS)


Securiforce installs and maintains an outstanding range of IP CCTV cameras enterprise wide networked multi-site applications, Securiforce has the experience to provide the right solution.


Will work with you to design a security alarm systems to suit your needs electronic access control which will provide authorised access to door and premises.


A critical part of the emergency management or business continuity planning process involves preparing to operate an emergency command center. Good response and recovery management requires a robust approach to information management. Command Centers, supported by sound information mnagement systems, hold the key to successfully managing potential problems associated with any disaster.

KABA – High security and safe locks

Kaba is the world’s leading manufacturer of high security and safe locks. It’s Kaba brands cover products for the mass market, as well as the mid and upper price segments. The range extends from electronic high security locks for retail and ATM locks, to transit and freight security products. It also includes safes and strong rooms, as well as mechanical and electronic locks for various cabinets and containers.

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